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Expert Lawn Maintenance Service Near New Orleans, LA

Transform your outdoors into a green oasis with our expert touch.

Looking for an impeccable lawn maintenance service in New Orleans, LA, and the surrounding areas? Look no further! At Keco Services, LLC, we provide top-notch care for your outdoor spaces. With over 18 years of experience, we specialize in keeping residential and commercial lawns in immaculate condition. A well-maintained lawn not only enhances the beauty of your property but also makes a lasting impression. Whether it’s mowing, trimming, or general outdoor maintenance, we’re here to take the hassle out of lawn care and let you enjoy a lush green landscape.

Comprehensive Care for a Lush Lawn

Whether you are a homeowner or business, we offer both residential lawn maintenance and commercial landscape maintenance service, ensuring that your outdoor spaces always look their best. We at Keco Services, LLC, believe that a beautiful lawn requires comprehensive care.
That’s why our lawn maintenance services include:

  • Mowing to keep the grass even and tidy
  • Trimming edges for a clean, polished look
  • Regular upkeep to maintain the health of the lawn
  • Customized care plans for specific lawn needs
Get Your Lawn Noticed With Keco Services!

Ready to make your neighbors green with envy? Invest in the best lawn maintenance service in New Orleans, LA, and nearby areas! At Keco Services, LLC, we understand the value of a well-kept lawn. Our expert team is committed to ensuring that your outdoor spaces are not just maintained, but thrive. With our comprehensive lawn care services, you can rest assured that your property will be the talk of the town. Don’t wait! Call us at (504) 428-6867 to schedule a consultation and let us transform your lawn into the lush, green oasis it deserves to be.